On Purpose by Vic Strecher

5 Feb 2016

Looking for a great resource on purpose! Check out Vic Strecher's graphic novel, On Purpose! Vic shares his personal story of losing his daughter and his struggle to find purpose in living again. But the books not about grief only, you will go on his journey with him as he explores the science behind living with purpose in our every day. A great read that will make a difference in your life. Enjoy!

Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Feb 27 - Mar 4

15 Feb 2017

Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness (BIEDA) a new student organization is planning a series of events the week of Feb 27th in support of Eating Disorder Awareness Week. The events include a documentary on why poor body image has become a global epidemic, a presentation by James "Buck" Runyan covering what eating disorders are and more importantly what they are not, and a Rock Your Body Party!

Cyday Friday Walk THIS FRIDAY!

27 Sep 2016

Looking for a chance to show your cyclone pride while benefiting your personal wellbeing? Come out to our first employee Cyday Friday walk, this Friday, September 30.

Spiritual WellBeing

Spiritual WellBeing is defined by caring relationships, meaning in life and values that guide our every day. It is our purpose.

What this looks like

  • having purpose and passion in work and life, and living our values through our actions
  • geniune caring, concern, and compassion among colleagues
  • being fully engaged and interacting with energy and enthusiasm
  • having clarity of vision that provides meaning and inspires our best every day